A Songwriting Discovery...

So far in Splashville, I've co-written the following songs with the following lines:

1. Believe me, I Know
"It's hard to see the truth, believe me, I know...."
2. I Choose Today
"There's always gonna be a choice to hear the truth above the noise..."
3. So Where Are You
"So where are you? I'm looking for the answers. When life falls through I'm left here waiting on Your words..."
4. I Need to Know
"Teach me to be sure of who You are..."
"Blessed Assurance take me and make me believe..."
5. What If I Told You
"What if I told you nothing but the truth?"
6. It's A Long Way Back Home
"I know there's a reason that keep me believing..."

Anyone else see a theme? Dang it.

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