Here's to you Tony

I'm finishing up with mixes for a band called Sky Like Fire right now, and one of my favorite ways to pass the time as I bounce them down is to read my best friends' blogs. Well, it hasn't been too eventful lately, because no one has updated their blog in months...until today, when Tony sent out a warning call to us all...he's good like that. He's always been an impetus for the deepening of the friendships of the BHB's (and even when we were the LHB Crew). If it was the reality that we had to take him home to his mom's house after we hung out (and therefore risk our lives together), the fear we shared tightened our brotherly bonds. Or when he would begin to randomly weep on our couches, he was unwittingly pushing us all toward vulnerability. Or there's always the time that he chose to make my dreams come true and a fire extinguisher was expelled onto his face. These are just a few examples of how Tony is always bringing us closer...so, here's to you Tony. I love you buddy.